Preventive Dentistry in Wylie, TX

Maintaining your oral heath between visits to Wylie Dentistry Co. is easy when you make brushing and flossing routine parts of your day. Brushing and flossing are important parts of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Both cavities and gum disease have something in common: they need plaque to stay in place for them to occur. The bacteria that cause cavities can't do any damage unless they have a steady supply of food to eat. Guess where they get their food? Plaque! Brushing and flossing, in addition professional cleanings at our Wylie dental office, makes sure those bugs don't have any food to eat and can't cause cavities.

Brushing and Flossing Tips

Dr. Femi and our team recommend brushing at least twice a day, but after every meal is even better. Don’t forget to floss at least once per day as well!

So, what kind of toothbrush should you use? Brushing with a traditional toothbrush is like hand washing a car. You can do a great job, but you will have to take a little more time and pay close attention. An electric toothbrush is like going to a professional carwash—more predictable and less work for you!

If you’re not used to brushing before bed and trying to start a better routine. Don't wait until right before bed to brush and floss. Most likely, you'll be too tired and forget. Instead, try brushing and flossing right after your last meal. That way, you won't forget and you'll feel better about that dessert you had!

Our team at Wylie Dentistry Co. hope these tips will help you feel better about your home oral care routine. As always, our goal is for you to “Smile More!”

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